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Add and manage Shipping Costs

Once you've set your shipping calculation settings and specific shipping costs for different regions or products in your store, TrueProfit can calculate your costs more correctly. If you are using a shipping provider to ship your orders, please check out this article to see how to connect them with TrueProfit.

In the shipping costs page, there are 3 main sections:
Calculation Settings
General Shipping Profiles
Custom Shipping Profiles
Quantity-based Shipping Cost
Weight-based Shipping Costs

Calculation Settings

This is where you can set default rules to calculate shipping costs for all orders. Here are what each option means:

Multiply order's shipping cost by quantity for orders with multiple items of the same product: If you choose to enable this option, each product's shipping cost will be multiplied by quantity if it is added to one order.

For example, if a customer ordered two T-shirts in the same model, with the shipping fee is $3 per item, the final shipping cost for this is $6. If unchecked, the final shipping cost is $3.

For orders with multiple items of different products, the total shipping cost will be either the highest shipping fee of any item or the sum of all product's shipping fee in an order.

For example, an order contains item A (shipping fee $3) and item B (shipping fee $4). If you choose Sum shipping fees of each product, the final shipping cost is $7. If you choose Use the highest shipping fee, the final shipping cost is $4.

General Shipping Profiles

The General Shipping Profiles will apply your rules and costs to all products in your store except for products you add to the Custom Shipping Profiles. By adding zones to this profile, you can set different shipping costs for different countries, regions, or states in the US.

First, you'll need to review two calculation rules:

Use quantity-based shipping costs: If you check this option, TrueProfit will separate your shipping cost setting into two columns: 1st item (how much it costs to ship the first item in an order) and 2nd item and more (how much it costs to ship each of the remaining items in an order). This setting depends on your deal with your shipping provider. If you leave it unchecked, the shipping cost will be the same for all items in an order.
Apply the same rule in General Shipping Profile to all items in an order: If you check this option, the Custom Shipping Profiles will be disabled. Your settings in the General Shipping Profiles will be applied to all products in your store.

How to add zones to the General Shipping Profiles

Click Add zone > Enter a Zone name > Set shipping cost > Choose the countries or regions > Save

To learn more about different shipping cost's pricing mode, read more below.

Custom Shipping Profiles

A Custom Shipping Profile consists of your selected products and the shipping zones. A custom shipping profile will only apply the shipping costs and settings to specific products and variants that were added to its shipping zones.

Creating a new Custom Shipping Profile

At the bottom of the page, click Create custom profile in the Custom Shipping Profile section.

In the popup modal, select the products you want to create shipping costs for. If you want to set shipping to specific variants only, click the dropdown arrow then select > click Save.

A new Custom Shipping Profile is created with the default Worldwide shipping zone.

You can now add more zones with different shipping costs or make changes to the costs or products in this profile

Note: When a product or variant is added to a Custom Shipping Profile, the rules in the General Shipping Profile no longer apply.

Quantity-based Shipping Cost

In both General Shipping Profile and Custom Shipping Profiles, you can enable quantity-based rule to calculate shipping cost.

Quantity-based Shipping Cost lets you set up the shipping costs for the first item different from the second item and onwards. This feature can be helpful if your shipping service charge different rates for one item vs. 2 items and more.

For example, if you have a multiple-item order, you can set up quantity-based rule as:

First item = $3 - second item onwards = $1 per item.

Total shipping cost for a 2-item order: $3 + $1 = $4. Total shipping cost for a 3-item order: $3 + $1 + $1 = $5.

This means that for each item added, the total shipping cost will increase by $1.

Weight-based Shipping Costs

In the weight based shipping rule, you can set shipping costs for the zones in General Shipping Profiles under different weight ranges. When you edit or create a new zone in the General Shipping Profile, you can choose to apply Weight-based Shipping Costs for this zone.

By default, the starting weight for level 1 is from 0kg to unlimited weight. To add more weight ranges, click Add level and enter the weight levels for your shipping costs. Click Save to apply the costs to the shipping zone.

When done, your settings will look similar to this:

Please note: You can only choose between quantity-based or weight-based shipping costs, not both at the same time.

The Weight-based Shipping Costs is available in Advanced plan and above only

Apply new costs to past orders

After you've edited your Shipping Costs, the app will save your setting to apply to future orders only. If you want to apply new costs to orders in the past as well, you'll need to Recalculate past orders. Make sure you click the Re-calculate past orders button at the end of the page:

You can also follow this video tutorial to get an overview of setting Shipping costs in TrueProfit


Updated on: 04/07/2024

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