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Dashboard Introduction

Overview Section

You can custom the metrics for the Overview section of your Dashboard. Click on the Customize icon to see the list of metrics and choose the ones you want.

If you want to apply the customized view to all stores added to your TrueProfit account, check the Apply to all added stores box.

List fields are divided into groups:

Overview: Total orders, Revenue, Total cost, Net profit, Net margin, Gross sale, Gross profit, Gross margin, Discount

Cost: COGS, Handling fees, Total ad spend, Shipping cost, Custom cost, Transaction fees

Order summary: Avg. Order value, Ad spend per order, Avg. Order profit, Ad spend per order, Purchase frequency, New customers per order

Customer Summary: Total customers, New customers, Repurchase rate, CAC

Others: Shipping charged, Total taxes, Tips, Gift card sales, Refund,

Ad spend:

ROAS, ROAS (UTM), Total Revenue (UTM), POAS

Facebook: Facebook ad, Facebook revenue (UTM), Facebook ROAS, Facebook clicks, Facebook impressions

Google: Google ad, Google revenue (UTM), Google ROAS, Google clicks, Google impressions, Google conversions

Pinterest: Pinterest ad, Pinterest revenue (UTM), Pinterest ROAS

Bing: Bing ad, Bing revenue (UTM), Bing ROAS, Bing clicks, Bing impressions

Snapchat: Snapchat ad, Snapchat revenue (UTM), Snapchat ROAS, Snapchat swipes, Snapchat impressions

Tiktok: Tiktok ad, Tiktok revenue (UTM), Tiktok ROAS, Tiktok clicks, Tiktok impressions

Amazon: Amazon ad, Amazon ROAS, Amazon revenue (UTM)

Payment Status

You can choose to include or exclude orders based on their payment status. Tick one or more of the following payment statuses:

Partially paid
Partially refunded

Payment status

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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