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How to add and manage COGS historical

As products might have different COGS at different periods . For example, your product costs might be increased or decreased depending on the suppliers, and you should be able to track the changes in product in different time range.

In TrueProfit, the current COGS value is set to cover a product's entire lifetime by default. You can add unlimited COGS periods to manage the historical data of a product or variant, ensuring it matches the correct past orders.

How to edit and add historical COGS:

Step 1: In the Edit COGS page, click Add COGS period

Step 2: Select a starting date for the current and ongoing COGS period. The preceding period will be automatically applied

Step 3: Add your current COGS value and review the product cost in the past to ensure the data is correct.

You can also Duplicate a period and change the date range to keep the existing COGS rule for the product/variant.

Step 4: Add more periods if needed. Once done, click Save to save your changes

Applying your changes in product costs to all orders in the past

If you made edits to the product cost level, COGS, historical COGS, or Handling Fees for a product/variant, the app will save your setting to apply to future orders only. If you want to apply new costs to all orders in the past as well, click Recalculate past orders.

Recalculate past orders means applying new changes to all orders that match for all products. If you want to manage different product costs in the past, add COGS periods like the instruction above.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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