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How to add COGS Zones in Cost of Goods

Managing COGS by zones for your store

COGS zones let you create different zones to manage your COGS based on the delivery destinations for specific product. Each zone will apply the COGS you set to the selected products only.

Once you've added a new custom zone, the default Worldwide zone will apply to all countries not added to any other custom zone.

How to create a new COGS zone

Click Add zone

In the popup, enter a Zone name and select the countries to add to this zone

Click Next to go to the step: Add products, here, select or search the products you want to set COGS for in this zone, then click Save to finish.

Important note:

When you select a new product to add to an existing zone, please do not choose the option Add all products in your store to this zone. Because it will remove all of your old COGS and apply the same COGS value as the Worldwide zone.

Review your COGS carefully before choosing this option

Now you can manage different COGS values in different locations and zones for the same product/variant when needed.

If you want to delete or make changes to a zone, click on the dropdown arrow and choose Edit.

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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