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How to edit orders in Orders Report in bulk

To edit the Shipping cost, Total COGS, and Handling fee at once, you can use both Import and Bulk edit features on the Order Report page. Depending on the number of orders you want to edit, you can choose a feature that best fit your need.

Exporting and Importing Orders Report

Choose the date range that includes the orders you want to edit costs for

Click Export to download the CSV file and use it as your file template

In the CSV file, update the value for Shipping Cost, Total COGS, or Handling Fees for the orders you want, then save the file. Make sure you made no changes to the column names or the layout of the file to import it successfully.

Click Import to upload the file back to TrueProfit and wait a moment for the app to update your order cost

Bulk Editing Costs in Orders Report

Select the orders you want to edit in bulk

Click Bulk Edit > Select a cost value from the dropdown menu.

In the editing modal, you can edit the value for each order separately or apply one value to all orders at once by clicking Apply all

Save your changes to the selected orders

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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