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How to import COGS & Handling Fees in bulk with .csv file

In the Cost of Goods page, you can use the Export feature to update your product's COGS and Handling Fees in bulk, then Import it back into TrueProfit. This comes in handy when you have hundreds of product and need a way to copy/paste product costs quickly.

Exporting all product costs in your store

In the Cost of Goods page, you will find the Export button at the top left corner of the table.

Once you click to export the Cost of Goods to a CSV file, it will be downloaded to your device automatically

Note that the list of products in your export file will depend on the COGS Zone you choose. The Worldwide zone will include all products in your store.

Editing and importing product cost with the CSV file

In the downloaded Product Cost file, make sure you edit only the COGS and Handling Fee columns and keep all other column the same so that you can import the file back successfully

Important notes:

Do not make edits in the Sale price column, TrueProfit automatically syncs your product's sale price from Shopify.
The fixed decimal format in the CSV is separated by a dot, not a comma. If you make changes in the COGS or Handling Fee values, make sure to use a dot for decimal.
Do not add or change the order of the columns and rows so that our app can recognize the correct data when you import the file back.

When you are done editing the COGS or Handling Fee for your products, Save your changes in the CSV file
In the app, click Import then choose the CSV file you've saved in step 2 to import it to TrueProfit

To check the progress of importing and updating your product cost, click on the notification bell.

When your bulk edit is successfully imported and updated

Updated on: 16/05/2024

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