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How to install and use TrueProfit's Mobile App

How to install the TrueProfit Mobile App

To use the mobile app, you need a TrueProfit account.

There are two ways to find TrueProfit app on the app stores:

Scan QR code

If you are signed in to your TrueProfit account, you can scan the QR code with your smartphone to download directly from the app store.

Getting the QR code to download the app and quick sign-in

Find TrueProfit in the App Store

TrueProfit mobile app is available on both the iOS and Android app stores for free download. You can click the links or search "TrueProfit" in the app store.

TrueProfit is now available on both app stores

Sign in to your TrueProfit mobile app

If you've been signing in using your Shopify Domain, here's how to create a new TrueProfit account. You can then use this account to sign in to your mobile app or use the QR code like above.

The Login Interface

How to use the TrueProfit Mobile App

The TrueProfit Mobile App only displays the main Dashboard for all of your added stores for now. You can also change the date range and currency to your liking. 

All the stores on Shopify linked with your TrueProfit account are shown in the app. However, you can only add a new store on the web app (See how here).

To switch between stores, open the Menu symbol on the top left corner > choose on of your stores or All stores.
You can also toggle the switch between bright and dark modes.

Updated on: 11/06/2024

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