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How to Install TrueProfit Pixel to Your Shopify Store

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What is TrueProfit Pixel?
TrueProfit Pixel Setup
Authorize permissions
Enable TrueProfit Tracking extension
Install tracking script
How to Manually Enable the TrueProfit App Extension from Your Shopify Admin

What is TrueProfit Pixel?

According to Shopify, Pixels are the code snippets that run on your online stores and collect behavioral data, referred to as customer events, for marketing campaign optimization and analytics.

TrueProfit Pixel is a custom pixel made for stores based on Shopify. It helps TrueProfit collect customer events on your stores, such as product views, add to cart count, and events in the checkout and post-purchase pages.

In the Product Analytics page, you need to enable TrueProfit Pixel for the app to start tracking and reporting for the following metrics: Views, Add to Cart (ATC), Checkout Started (CS), and Payment Info Submitted (PIS).

In the Marketing Attribution page, TrueProfit Pixel helps effectively tracking customer events and conversions from your ads across different channels.

Note that the data for these metrics only starts collecting data after you completed the required setup. It's best to wait for up to 7 days to have sufficient customer events in your Product Analytics report.

TrueProfit Pixel Setup

These three steps below are required to enable accurate tracking for both the Product Analytics and Marketing Attribution on TrueProfit:

1. Authorize permissions for TrueProfit Pixel on Shopify Admin

As TrueProfit Pixel is a new feature, we need your permission to have access to data tracking. This helps the app track more accurately with more metrics relating to your product's performance.

2. Enable TrueProfit Tracking extension from your store’s Themes settings

TrueProfit Tracking is an app embed developed to help you track customer events easily on your store's website. To enable the extension, click Go to enable in your app, search for TrueProfit Tracking then toggle it on. Or follow the manual instructions below.

3. Install tracking script to your store’s Checkout settings on Shopify

This step ensures that TrueProfit can track all events from your customers in the Thank You page. Click on Open Checkout settings in TrueProfit, or open your Shopify Admin > Settings > Checkout. Locate the Order status page section. Copy and paste the scripts below to the Additional scripts box:

<script> (async function(){const n=await(await fetch("")).text(),t=document.createElement("script");t.innerHTML=n,document.body.appendChild(t)})(); </script>

TrueProfit can now track all customer events for your store. Rest assured that our custom script is made to be lightweight and effective, it does not slow down your website speed.

Privacy Policy for TrueProfit Pixel

As TrueProfit Pixel is built upon Shopify's web pixels extension, it is compatible with Shopify's Privacy for Customers.

How to Manually Enable the TrueProfit App Extension from Your Shopify Admin

In case the button in TrueProfit doesn't work for your store, here's how you can enable the extension manually.
Sign in to your Shopify account, click Online Store from the left sidebar > choose Theme

Click the Customize button to edit your current theme

In the left sidebar, click on the App embeds icon, search for TrueProfit and toggle it on.

TrueProfit Pixel is now enabled and your Product Analytics dashboard is all set!

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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