You can now integrate your shipping software into TrueProfit to better cope with your Shipping Cost.

Currently, there are four shipping software that can be integrated into TrueProfit: Shippo, ShipStation, ShipWire, and ShippingEasy.

Note: if your shipping software's currency is different from your Shopify store's currency. True Profit will automatically convert it to your Shopify store's currency.

You must have these shipping software apps integrated to your Shopify stores*, then you will be able to connect them to TrueProfit.

*If you haven't added them to your Shopify store, go here: Shippo | ShipStation | ShipWire | ShippingEasy

Go to Cost Settings - Shipping - Integration

Choose the software you’re using, and click Connect.

The four most prevalent shipping softwares available on TrueProfit

Depending on the software, you will be asked to enter the API Keys (ShipStation and ShippingEasy), Token (Shippo), or username and password (ShipWire). After that, click Connect to finish the integration process.

In the case of Shippo, you will be asked to enter a token to integrate.

Not sure how to get the required keys? Please read further.

Shippo: Log in to your Shippo account, then go to Settings - API - Tokens. Copy your token in the “Manage Your Tokens” or generate one.

Getting the token on Shippo.

ShipStation: Log in to your ShipStation account, then go to Settings - Account - API Settings. Copy your API Keys (Key and Secret) or Generate them.

Getting the API Keys on ShipStation

Shipwire: Simply enter your Shipwire username and password.

ShippingEasy: Log in to your ShippingEasy account, then go to Settings - Account Settings - API Credentials. Copy API Key and API Secret there. Note that access to the ShippingEasy API is disabled during your free trial at ShippingEasy, this means you can't integrate shipping data into TrueProfit.

Getting the API Keys on ShippingEasy
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