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How to set up custom costs for specific orders using order tag

You can set up Custom Costs for specific orders in your store using Order tags on Shopify. Learn more about Order tag on Shopify here.

Note that this feature is only applicable for Metric-based Custom Costs, as TrueProfit with deduct the custom cost from the order's revenue.

How to create custom costs for selected orders

Make sure you've created an order tag on your Shopify Admin and applied it to the orders of your choice
Go to Calculation > Custom Spend > Metric Based Cost > click New cost to create a new Metric-based cost
Fill out all necessary fields then choose an order tag that you want to add custom spend for. After finishing, the app will calculate the cost based on % Revenue for the orders added to the chosen tag.
If you don't choose any order tags, the custom cost will be calculated based on % Revenue for all orders.

Updated on: 08/01/2024

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