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How to use TrueProfit Mobile App

Once logged in, you will see the usual Profit Analytics dashboard. You can change the date range and currency to your liking. 

All the stores linked with your TrueProfit account are shown in the app. If you want to add stores, you can do it on the web app (See how here).

To view the combined metrics of all your stores, open Menu symbol on the top left corner > Stores > All stores.

This combined dashboard proves to be extremely useful for multiple-store owners to get realistic insights of their business performance. 

One store and All-Store View

You can always manage each store separately by tapping on single store name. 

In the menu bar, you can toggle the button to switch between bright and dark modes.

Choose you preferable display mode

Hope the app will give you more advantages.

Updated on: 08/09/2022

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