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How TrueProfit import your COGS upon installing

If you've just installed TrueProfit to your Shopify store, there are 3 ways the app can get and calculate the cost of goods for your store.

1. TrueProfit automatically syncs Cost per item from your Shopify account upon installing.

Cost per item section in Shopify
When you just installed the app for your store, TrueProfit will sync the Cost per item field in your Product setup on Shopify to the Variant level.
If you using the Cost per item to manage product costs in your store, make sure to review the imported COGS in TrueProfit to ensure accuracy.

In the app, if a COGS value is retrieved from Shopify, you will see a Shopify icon ahead of the variant's COGS.

2. Upload COGS in bulk with a .csv file

This is a fast and easy way to import your existing COGS of all products in your store at once. Here's how to import your COGS file in TrueProfit:
Step 1: Go to the Cost of Good page
Step 2: Click Export to download a .csv file of all products in your store

The file will look similar to the image below, find the COGS column and fill in the product cost for each product and variant accordingly

Important notes:

Do not make edits in the Sale price column, TrueProfit automatically syncs your product's sale price from Shopify.
The fixed decimal format in the CSV is separated by a dot, not a comma. If you make changes in the COGS or Handling Fee values, make sure to use a dot for decimal.
Do not add or change the order of the columns and rows so that our app can recognize the correct data when you import the file back.

Step 3: In the app, click Import then choose the CSV file you've saved in step 2 to import it to TrueProfit

Step 4: To check the progress of importing and updating your product cost, click on the notification bell.

When your bulk edit is successfully imported and updated

3. Set up COGS manually

By default, you will see the COGS for each product is at the variant level.
If you have different COGS value for each variant, edit directly in the Cost of Goods Sold field

If you have the same COGS value in all variants of a product, switch the Set to level toggle to Product manage COGS on the product level for all variants

If you need to add a COGS in the past or apply quantity break for your product costs, click on the history icon to start editing

Read more details on how to manually edit product costs in this article.

Once you've manually made changed to the COGS in TrueProfit, the app will stop syncing data from Shopify for that product. When a COGS value of a product has been edited, it will be displayed in yellow text.

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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