Congrats, you've understood your store as a whole. Now let's dive in and discover which particular products matter most to your business - with Product Analytics.

For every single product, you'll know its:

Adds To Cart
Add-to-cart rate (ATC rate)
Conversion rate
Check out Metrics Explained for explanations of every term.

Sounds fun, but what can you learn from these insights?

Which products get more traffic (high views)
Which products attract more Adds to cart (high Add-to-cart rate)
Which products convert best (high Conversion rate)

These insights will help you decide whether to invest more (or cut down) on advertising certain products, in order to optimize your spending.

How to set up Product Analytics

Note: To use Product Analytics, you need to have Google Analytics set up for your store.

In Product Analytics > Settings, you'll find a button to connect with your Google Analytics account. Connect to let TrueProfit pull in data from Google Analytics.

Once set up, all products will be displayed in tab Analytics. Now feel free to make data-driven decisions for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

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