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Manage Calculation Preferences for refunded orders

When an order is unfortunately refunded, there are two ways you can calculate the refunded amount for your store on TrueProfit: Calculate the Refund on the date the order is created or on the date the order was refunded. By default, all refunds will be calculated on the date the order is refunded.

How to change the setting for calculating Refunds for your store

In the Store Settings section, click on Calculation Preferences. On this page, you can find the Profit Calculation Rules to customize how TrueProfit calculate your costs.

If checked, all Refunds amount will be calculated to the date the order was placed by the customer
If unchecked (default on TrueProfit and Shopify), all Refunds amount will be calculated to the date the order was refunded to the customer

Once you changed and save your new settings, all metrics that has the Refunds amount such as Revenue, Gross Profit, Net Profit will be recalculated for all of your reports.

Please note: If you choose to Calculate Refunds on the same day the order is placed, you will see the discrepancy in Revenue between TrueProfit and Shopify because Shopify calculates your refunds on the refunded day by default.

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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