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Overview Dashboard for Amazon Stores

Your Dashboard is the main page for you to view all of your store's data and vital charts. It helps you quickly understand the financial health of your store using real-time tracking and accurate calculations for many different metrics.

Date Range Picker and Compare

In the top right corner of the Dashboard, you can see the dropdown menu for picking a date range to view your store's data. \

Date range picker

Right below it is the "Compare with" feature, which lets you choose a period in the past to compare your data with. The comparison shows up in the dashboard as percentages.

Overview Section

The Overview section is the main dashboard, where you can customize the metrics to display just the important data you want. To customize the metrics, click on the Customize icon.

Customizing your Overview dashboard

In the popup menu, you can choose which metrics to view and the display order using drag and drop > Save

Choose the Apply to all added Amazon stores checkbox to save the customized view for all of your Amazon stores added to TrueProfit.

Metrics are divided into groups:

Overview: Total orders, Revenue, Total cost, Net profit, Net margin, Gross sale, Gross profit, Gross margin, Discount, Units Sold

Cost: COGS, Total ad spend, Custom cost, Amazon Fees

Order summary: Avg. Order value, Ad spend per order, Avg. Order profit, Ad spend per order, Purchase frequency, New customers per order

Others: Shipping charged, Total taxes, Amazon Refund, Gift Wrap, Marketplace Withheld Tax

Ad spend: ROAS, ROAS (UTM), Total Revenue (UTM), POAS

- Facebook: Facebook Ads, Facebook revenue (UTM), Facebook ROAS, Facebook clicks, Facebook impressions
- Google: Google Ads, Google revenue (UTM), Google ROAS, Google clicks, Google impressions, Google conversions
- Pinterest: Pinterest Ads, Pinterest revenue (UTM), Pinterest ROAS
- Bing: Bing Ads, Bing revenue (UTM), Bing ROAS, Bing clicks, Bing impressions
- Snapchat: Snapchat Ads, Snapchat revenue (UTM), Snapchat ROAS, Snapchat swipes, Snapchat impressions
- Tiktok: Tiktok Ads, Tiktok revenue (UTM), Tiktok ROAS, Tiktok clicks, Tiktok impressions
- Amazon: Amazon Ads, Amazon ROAS, Amazon revenue (UTM)

Performance Chart

This section lets you view the performance of your store over different time periods: Daily, Weeky, or Monthy, depending on the date range you chose. You can also choose which metrics to view in the chart by ticking on the checkboxes.

Performance Chart

Cost Breakdown Chart

This section lets you view the costs of your store and compare them with the total cost for the chosen period. This chart includes: COGS, Total Ad spend, Custom Cost, Amazon Fees (Referral Fees + FBA Fee).

Cost Breakdown Chart

Ad Spend Chart

This section lets you keep track of your total cost of advertising, and the spending on each platform you use. You can also see the revenue each ad platform has generated for you, based on your UTM settings.

Ads Spend Chart

Updated on: 05/05/2023

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