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Product Cost Dashboard for Amazon Stores

The Product Cost dashboard is where you can edit the COGS for all products on your Amazon store.

How to open the Product Cost dashboard


Product Cost includes all details of your store's products, including the product's details, selling price, COGS per unit, Amazon fees, gross margin, and profit for each product. It is recommended that you edit the COGS of your products in the table to get an accurate calculation of expenses and revenue in other dashboards.

An overview of the Product Cost dashboard

Managing COGS Per Unit

When you install TrueProfit for the first time, all COGS per unit for your available products are counted as 0 by default. There are two ways for you to update the cost of goods sold for your products: Update manually for each product or bulk edit using a .csv file.

Manual edit

When you enter the production cost for a product, TrueProfit will recalculate COGS for all orders that include the product. Note that if you update the COGS of a product, all orders in the past will also get updated to the new cost.

Bulk edit

You can upload a .csv file to quickly update the product cost for all products at the same time. The easiest way to do this is to export the existing product list on TrueProfit and then edit the COGS in the sheet. If you already have a COGS file, make sure you format the sheets correctly to avoid errors. The correct format for Product Cost bulk edit must have the "ASIN" and "COGS" columns for the system to identify the metrics correctly.

Once the new COGS per unit is uploaded and imported successfully, TrueProfit will recalculate COGS for all orders in the past as well.

Updated on: 25/04/2023

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