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Redesigned Mobile App

At a glance, here are 3 updates packed inside the redesigned TrueProfit mobile app:

App Store availability
New login method
New User Interface

1. App Store availability

You can browse and download the TrueProfit App from both the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). 

TrueProfit App on Apple App Store (Left) and Google Play Store (Right)

2. New sign-in method

Now you can sign in by entering your TrueProfit account OR scan a QR code. Note that both ways require you to create a TrueProfit account*.

*This account is the center of our new User System that will allow you to monitor the finances of multiple stores in one place, and set access levels for other users (your staff). Go to the web app, look on the bottom left corner, create an account with your email.

Login Interfaces

Sign in by TrueProfit account: Simply enter the created email and password.

Sign in by QR code: Use your phone to scan an QR code which you can get on the web app.

Get the QR code on the top right of your TrueProfit web app

*More about the new User System is fully explained in this Help Article.

3. Brand new User Interface

A new dashboard that looks cleaner and nicer will allow you to see the data more efficiently, with minimal effort.

Vertical Display: See more at one glance, stop missing out on some critical numbers.

Total Cost: Separated from the Revenue Overview, with more details.

Scroll horizontally vs vertically

Light and Dark Modes: In the menu bar, turn on or off the dark mode to suit your eyes.

Choose a displaying mode that suits your eyes.

Ready to elevate your experience using TrueProfit on your mobile phone? We bet you are. 
Get to your app stores now (iOS | Android)

Updated on: 09/09/2022

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