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Set Up Shipping Cost by Weight

We would love to bring a new feature to assist you tracking your cost properly.

Shipping cost by weight feature helps you calculate the shipping cost based on order's weight. The weight of product will be pulled from your Shopify admin.

Setting shipping cost by weight will be available on our Advanced and Ultimate plan

Shipping cost by weight

True Profit now allows you set up the shipping cost based on geography and weight. We will calculate it followed by order's weight from your Shopify store, therefore, this rule can only set up in the Default shipping rules.

Here is an instruction to set it up

Firstly, go to Calculations tab > Shipping cost > Default shipping rule, click on "Add new" button. Now you can choose the zone to set the shipping cost

Add new

Create zone

After that, please select one of these options "Quantity based shipping" or "Weight based shipping".

Weight based shipping

In the weight based shipping, you can custom the shipping cost follow by weight range. The default weight for the rate 1 is from 0kg, then click "Save" to complete the setting.

Custom shipping cost

The shipping cost will be displayed in weight range in Default settings rule

Please note: Shipping cost can only be set followed by quantity break or by weight, not both rules at the same time.

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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