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Setting up Custom Rules to sync ad spend by campaigns

This feature is available in Ultimate plan and above only.

The Custom rules feature in Marketing Channels is where you can set up filters to sync ad spend from campaigns that match your rules only. Setting up rules helps you include or exclude the exact campaigns in your ad account to get the correct ad spend for your store.

When you add the keywords to include or exclude ad campaigns, TrueProfit will filter and sync ad spend by campaign name according to your rules.

Note: One ad account can only apply one custom rule for syncing ad spend

Setting up Custom rules to sync ad spend from campaigns only

In the left side menu, open the Marketing Channel page.

Click Custom rules in the top right corner

Click Create rule to start creating a new ad sync rule

In the pop up modal, enter a name for the rule

Next, you'll need to Select objects to apply rule, including a Marketing Channel, Account, and Ad Account to filter ad campaign

Note that only the successfully connected channels and accounts are available for choosing when setting up rule.

You cannot choose an ad account if its ad spend sync is turned off.

Finally, select a rule and add keywords to complete creating your rule

Include rule: Sync ad spend from campaigns with names contain your added keywords only
Exclude rule: Sync ad spend from all campaigns except the ones with names contain your added keywords

Once done, click Save to apply your settings and your ad spend sync will be filtered immediately
In the Custom rules page, you will see a list of all rules created for your store.

What will happen to my custom rules if I downgrade to a lower TrueProfit plan?

If you are applying custom rules for your store and then downgrade to a lower plan on TrueProfit, all of these rules will be turned off and disabled for further editing. The ad spend in your store will be set back to sync from all available campaigns in each channel.

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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