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Setting up weight-based Shipping Costs

Setting up Weight-based Shipping Costs helps you calculate the shipping cost based on order's weight accurately. The weight of product will be pulled from your Shopify admin.
Setting shipping cost by weight is currently available on our Advanced and above only.

Setting up Weight-based Shipping Costs

In your Shipping Cost settings, you can set the Weight-based Shipping Costs in the General Shipping Profiles. Read more about setting up Shipping Cost in this article.

In the weight based shipping rule, you can set shipping costs for the zones in General Shipping Profiles under different weight ranges. When you edit or create a new zone in the General Shipping Profile, you can choose to apply Weight-based Shipping Costs for this zone.

By default, the starting weight for level 1 is from 0kg to unlimited weight. To add more weight ranges, click Add level and enter the weight levels for your shipping costs. Click Save to apply the costs to the shipping zone.

When done, your settings will look similar to this:

This means, for orders that weight less than 2 kg, the shipping cost is $3. If an order exceed 2 kg but weight less than 5 kg, the shipping cost is $2. The rest will have the shipping cost of $1 per order. There are no limit to how many levels you can add.

Apply new costs to past orders

After you've edited your Shipping Costs, the app will save your setting to apply to future orders only. If you want to apply new costs to orders in the past as well, you'll need to Recalculate past orders. Make sure you click the Re-calculate past orders button at the end of the page:

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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