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Troubleshooting Google Analytics: Token Expired Issue

TrueProfit needs the data from Google Analytics to display the Product Analytics dashboard accurately.

In some special cases, your login information might expire and become unavailable from our system, resulting in a failed data retrieval or a "Can't refresh token error".

When your login information expires, re-signing in won't solve the issue. Therefore, you'll need to remove the TrueProfit application from your Google Analytics account and reinstall it.

How to reconnect Google Analytics with TrueProfit

Visit this page: Apps with access to your Google account
Find the app "TrueProfit - Product Analytics"
Click on it and choose "Remove Access"
Then in TrueProfit, go to Product Analytics > Settings > Connect. This will re-grant us access to your account.

Updated on: 24/03/2023

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