From November 2019, you can set advanced rules to calculate shipping costs. Access by visiting Cost settings > Shipping.

Calculation settings

First, set your default rules to calculate shipping cost for every order. You'll see these options:

  • Multiply with quantity for the same product: Applies when shipping fee is proportional to product quantity in an order.

For example, an order has the same 2 products and shipping fee is $3 per item. If enabled, final shipping cost is $6. If disabled, final shipping cost is $3.

  • For orders with multiple different products, total shipping cost will be either the highest shipping fee or the sum of each product's shipping fee in an order.

For example, an order contains item A (shipping fee $3) and item B (shipping fee $4). If you choose Sum shipping fees of each product, final shipping cost is $7. If you choose Use the highest shipping fee, final shipping cost is $4.

Default shipping

This is where you set shipping fees for all products based on geography. 

Add new > Enter Zone name (optional) > Choose the countries or regions > Set shipping fee > Save.

Note: if you also set custom shipping fees for specific products, custom shipping will be prioritized over default shipping.

Custom shipping

This is where you set shipping fees for specific products. 

Under Add new products, choose products from the dropdown. Click Create.

A new shipping rule will be created for those particular products. By default, there's a single shipping fee applied to all countries. If you want to have different shipping fees for different countries (under certain products), click Add new.

Refresh profit calculation

Finally, if you want new changes to affect all orders in the past, click Re-calculate Profit. This will refresh profit calculation.

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