With Product Analytics, now you can see the profitability insights of each product in your store: from revenue, net profit, profit margin to Facebook ad spend attributed to a particular product. 

What can you learn from these insights?

  • Which products are actually more profitable.
  • Which products come with greater cost.
  • Which products should be promoted more extensively.
  • Which products are actually wasting money.
  • ...

For example, item A seems to earn more revenue but also spends a lot on ads. Product Analytics can help you decide whether to keep scaling it up or focus on item B which has larger profit margin.

How to set up 

If you've already set up COGS, you've come halfway. 

Now you need to assign your products to their corresponding Facebook & Google campaigns, in order to get the ad spend of individual products. Here's how:

  1. In Product Analytics, copy the product ID. 
  2. Go to Facebook/Google Ads manager, rename the corresponding campaigns so that they contain the ID, wrapped in square brackets: [YOUR_PRODUCT_ID]. Eg,. Awesome Product Name - [3884768264270]
  3. Come back to TrueProfit app, go to Facebook/Google Ads in Cost settings. Under Manage Ads Accounts, click on Synchronize again.

Pro tips: To handle multiple Facebook campaigns, use Name and Find & replace functions.

Now check Product Analytics again. You should by now see the ad spend pulled in, as well as other number. Click on each product to reveal all metrics.

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