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How to Set up URL Parameters Manually for Your Ads

If you are using Chrome, we recommend using the Parameter Generator Extension. You can read the tutorial on how to use the extension here.

How to Set up URL Parameters Manually to Track Your Ads with TrueProfit

When you are creating a new ad or editing an existing one, make sure to add TrueProfit's UTM parameter so that the app tracks your ad spend accurately. At the moment, TrueProfit is supporting integrations with these platforms: Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Microsoft (Bing), and X Ads.

Facebook Adstp_source=facebook&tp_adid={{}}&tp_productid=your product's id
Google Ads{lpurl}?tp_source=google&tp_adid={creative}&tp_campaignid={campaignid}&tp_productid=your product's id
Microsoft (Bing) Adstp_source=bing&tp_adid={AdId}&tp_productid=your product's id
Snapchat Adstp_source=snapchat&tp_adid={{}}&tp_productid=your product's id
TikTok Adstp_source=tiktok&tp_adid=__CID__&tp_productid=your product's id
Pinterest Adstp_source=pinterest&tp_adid={adid}&tp_productid=your product's id

In detail, here's how to build a parameter for tracking with TrueProfit:
tp_source=platform's name&tp_adid={{}}&tp_productid=your product's id
tp_source=platform's name : Enter the ad platform you're working on in full text. For example: facebook, google, bing, tiktok, snapchat, pinterest.
tp_adid={{}} : The Ad ID of the ad you are working on. You do not need to change this field, keep the value between the curve bracket as is so that the ad platform can fill in the ad ID automatically. Note that different platforms have different formats for ad ID, make sure you follow the format in the table above so that the platform can read it correctly.
tp_campaignid={campaignid} : Similar to Ad ID, you do not need to change this field, keep the value between the curve bracket as is like the table above for each platform.
tp_productid=the product's ID from Shopify : In your Shopify Admin, go to Products and choose the product you want to promote. The product_id is the number string at the end of the URL, like the image below:

Important notes:

To add the parameter correctly, note that each platform has a different setting requirement for the tracking URL. Here's a breakdown:
For TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, and X make sure you fill in your destination URL starting with https:// before adding TrueProfit's parameter.

For example: TikTok's destination URL and tracking UTM parameters

For Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, you only add the parameters above to the URL Parameters field.
Make sure you separate the parameters from the URL with a question mark. For example:

If you already have parameters in use, make sure to add an ampersand at the start of TrueProfit's parameter. For example:

If you are running ads for a product, find the product ID from Shopify like the instructions below. If you are not promoting a specific product, remove the "&tp_productid=your product's id" part in the parameter.

What is a URL Parameter and Why Do I Need it?

If you are running ads to promote your online store, you need URL parameters. Parameters are unique identifiers that are added to your ads’ destination URLs. Once added, they can relay important information about the performance of your advertising campaigns. Specifically, this information lets advertisers know more about where the click came from before landing on the website.

Adding the URL parameters above helps TrueProfit accurately track and attribute the performance and conversions of your marketing and products in the Marketing Attribution and Product Analytics reports.

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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