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Installing TrueProfit Pixel and Setting Up URL Parameters

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Setting up TrueProfit Pixel
- Authorize permissions
- Enable TrueProfit Tracking extension
Generating and adding URL parameters
How to manually enable the TrueProfit Tracking Embed App


TrueProfit Pixel setup

Before you can start using the Marketing Attribution report, please complete two steps to enable tracking for your store:

1. Authorize permissions for TrueProfit Pixel on Shopify Admin

As TrueProfit Pixel is a new feature, we need your permission to have access to data tracking. This helps the app track more accurately with more metrics relating to your product's performance.
2. Enable TrueProfit Tracking extension from your store’s Themes settings

TrueProfit Tracking is an app embed developed to help you track customer events easily on your store's website. To enable the extension, click Go to enable in your app, search for TrueProfit Tracking then toggle it on. Or follow the manual instructions below.

TrueProfit can now track all customer events for your store.

Generate and add parameters to all of your ads

TrueProfit URL parameters are required for the app to track and attribute conversions accurately for marketing channels like Facebook, Google, TikTok, Microsoft (Bing), Snapchat, and Pinterest.

There are two ways to apply TrueProfit URL parameters to your ads:
Use the free TrueProfit Parameter Generator Extension if you are using Chrome. The extension auto generate and fill in parameters for you when you are creating or editing an ad. Read more about How to use the extension.
Add parameters manually if you are not using Chrome. Here's How to Set up URL Parameters Manually for Your Ads

Your URL parameter will look similar to this:

How to Manually Enable the TrueProfit Tracking Embed App from Your Shopify Admin

In case the button in TrueProfit doesn't work for your store, here's how you can enable the extension manually.
Sign in to your Shopify account, click Online Store from the left sidebar > choose Themes

Click the Customize button to edit your current theme

In the left sidebar, click on the App embeds icon, search for TrueProfit and toggle it on.

TrueProfit Pixel is now enabled and your Marketing Attribution report is all set!

If you have any issues completing the steps above, please contact our Live Chat support. We're always happy to help!

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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