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How to Install and Use TrueProfit Parameter Generator Extension

Install TrueProfit Parameter Generator Extension to Chrome HERE
If you are not using Chrome, follow our guide to manually set up parameters for your ads.

What is TrueProfit Parameter Generator Extension?

The Parameter Generator generates URL parameters natively for the TrueProfit app to track your ad spend on different marketing channels.

Currently, the extension supports the following platforms: Facebook, Google, TikTok, Microsoft (Bing), Snapchat, Pinterest, and X. When you open the extension on the ad setup page, it will detect the platform, sync your added stores, and display your product list so that you can create a parameter for tracking on TrueProfit easily.

The extension is connected to your TrueProfit account. Adding parameters to the ad's URLs is crucial for TrueProfit to track your ad spend in Product Analytics and attribute ad conversions in Marketing Attribution.

What is a URL Parameter?

URL parameters are unique identifiers that are added to your ads’ destination URLs to pass along data. Once added, they can relay important information about the performance of your advertising campaigns. Specifically, this information lets advertisers know more about where the click came from before landing on the website.

Why you should use TrueProfit Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension goes hand in hand with TrueProfit's Product Analytics and the new Marketing Attribution feature. Adding the parameters from the extension gives TrueProfit the data we need to track ad spend and attribute your ad's conversions accurately.

How to Install the TrueProfit Extension to Your Chrome Browser

Download the extension from Chrome Web Store and add it to your Chrome browser.

After successfully installing the extension, it's best to pin it to your Chrome taskbar for quick access.

How to Use TrueProfit Chrome Extension

To start using the extension, sign in to your TrueProfit account. If you don't have a TrueProfit account yet, sign up here and connect it to your store.
Once you've signed in, the extension will look like this:

If you open the extension while on an ad platform's website, it will detect and apply the Ad Platform automatically. If you are not on the ad platform's website, please choose a platform manually to generate a URL parameter for it.
In the Store dropdown, you'll find a list of stores you added to TrueProfit, choose the store you want to run ads for.
In the Product dropdown, choose a product you want to promote. Your best-selling product will be chosen by default, based on the total units sold of each product.

If you are not promoting a specific product, choose None in the Product dropdown.

After you've finished choosing the Ad Platform, Store, and Product for your ad, you will find a parameter generated according to your campaign in the URL Parameter field.

To add the parameter correctly, note that each platform has a different setting requirement for the tracking URL. Here's a breakdown of each platform:
For TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, and X make sure you fill in your destination URL starting with https:// before adding TrueProfit's parameter.

For example: TikTok's destination URL and tracking UTM parameters

For Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, you only add the parameter generated in the extension to the URL Parameters field.

To use the Auto-fill Parameter button, make sure you open the extension while creating or editing an ad. The extension will auto-fill TrueProfit's parameter to your ad's URL, if not, you'll have to add the parameter manually.

Important notes:

Make sure you separate the parameters from the URL with a question mark. For example:

If you already have parameters in use, make sure to add an ampersand at the start of TrueProfit's parameter. For example:

Updated on: 28/05/2024

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