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Adding parameters for Facebook ads

Follow this guide to see how you can add TrueProfit's parameters to track conversions for your Facebook ads conveniently using the Chrome extension or edit manually.

Step 1: Open the edit page of the ad you want to add parameter to. Make sure you are on the ad level to add the parameter correctly.

Make sure you add parameter to the ad level
Step 2: Scroll down to the URL parameter section

Step 3: Open the TrueProfit Parameter Generator extension to get the parameter for your ads. See how to use TrueProfit Parameter Generator extension.
If you are creating parameters manually, follow this guide.

Step 4: Add the tracking UTM similar to the image below

If you already have parameters in use, make sure to add an ampersand at the start of TrueProfit's parameter. For example:

If you are running ads for a product, find the product ID from Shopify like the instructions below. If you are not promoting a specific product, remove the "&tp_productid=your product's id" part in the parameter.

How to check your parameter status on Facebook ad manager

After you've added TrueProfit parameter for tracking, there's a quick way for you to check if the setting is saved successfully.

Click to open the Customize column modal

Add the URL Parameters column to the table and review all parameter you added

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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