Why the mobile app will offer you great help

Once installed, TrueProfit Mobile app will sync the real-time metrics from the usual web app. You can check your numbers on the go, without the burden of carrying a laptop all day long.

How to install & sign in

Follow this video or read below for instructions.


Visit m.trueprofit.io on your phone. To download the app, tap on the popup Add TrueProfit to Home screen (Android) or open Options and select Add to Home Screen (iOS).

Sign in

Next, open the app. On the login screen, enter your Shopify domain.

Then open the web app (on your desktop), click on the dropdown menu next to your store name. Select Mobile Login Code. You'll find a 6-digit code, which will be changed every 60 seconds. Copy this code to the Login code field on the app.

You're now logged in.
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