Why the mobile app will offer you great help

Once installed, TrueProfit Mobile app will sync the real-time metrics from the usual web app. You can check your numbers on the go, without the burden of carrying a laptop all day long.

Inside the TrueProfit mobile app

How to install & sign in


Find TrueProfit in the App Store on your phone (iOS, Android) and download it as you would do with other mobile apps.

TrueProfit is now available on both app stores

Sign in

In order to use the mobile app, you need a TrueProfit account. Simply get on the web app and create it with your email*. Then you will use this account to sign in to the web and mobile apps, and manage all the stores you own.

*To know how to create a TrueProfit account, read this help article.

Next, open the app. On the login screen, enter your TrueProfit account (including email and password).

The Login Interface

Alternately, you can sign in to the mobile app with QR code.

Firstly, choose Sign in with QR Code on your mobile app login interface. Then, go to the web app on your laptop, look at the top right corner, click on Your Account - QR Mobile Login Code. A QR Code will pop up, use your phone to scan it.

Getting the QR Code on the web app

You're now logged in.
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