We built this User System to help you better manage your stores while allowing some supervised collaboration.

These are the two benefits you can take advantage of using the User System:

Manage multiple stores with one account only. This means you will be free from having to switch between browser tabs to see the profit of your stores.

Set different access levels to TrueProfit for your staff by giving them a role. This is helpful when you need your staff to co-manage your store(s) but don't want them to see everything.

In this article, you will know how to:

Create a TrueProfit Account
See stores and manage stores
Add stores
Add users
Manage users
Use a QR code for mobile app login

It's not so complicated to navigate through this User System; let's see how.

1. Create a TrueProfit account

After logging into the web app as usual (by a Shopify domain name), you can create a TrueProfit account with your email address. Once created, this account will be linked to your store(s).

Create a TrueProfit account with your email address

You will then use this account to sign in to the TrueProfit app (both on the web and mobile) and manage multiple stores in one place. 

Note: Once your store is linked with your TrueProfit account, you will no longer be able to sign in by a Shopify domain name but by that account instead.

2. See stores and manage stores.

The reposition of the store button

On the top left corner, you can see the name of the displaying store. Click there to change to another store.

On the top right corner, you can see your account which is basically where the User System is managed. Hover your mouse or click on that to see a drop-down menu with many options related to store management. 

Store-related options

The sections below are the introduction of each major option.

3. Add a store

If you're owning more than one store, click Add Store. Then, simply enter the Shopify domain of that store to start linking it with your account. 

Add a store by entering your Shopify domain

4. Add a user

To add a new user, click on your account - Manage Store - Add User.

You will then enter your staff email address, assign a role to them (Admin, Access to Reports, or Cost Editor).

Click Show at the Permission tab to see where each role's user can access.

A comparion of where each role can access to

Finally, choose the store you want to add that user to collaborate with you. Then click Add.

An email invitation will be sent to that user. By clicking "Accept", they will be asked to create a password before accessing to TrueProfit with their account. 

5. Manage Users

At the Manage Stores Page, you will see all of your stores. Click on each store to see all users who are co-managing that store. 

You can change a user role by clicking Edit; or removing a a user from that store by clicking Delete

Manage User in the Manage Stores page

6. Use a QR code for mobile app login

Click to Your account - QR Mobile Login Code. Use your phone camera to scan this code to log into your TrueProfit mobile app. 

This is where you can get a QR code to scan to sign in to your mobile app
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