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Version 6.8

Release date: May 15, 2024

Custom rules for syncing ad campaigns: Set up rules using keywords to filter and sync ad spend for just the campaigns you want. This feature is available in the Ultimate plan and above only, read more in this article.
COGS Zone: The app UI for creating and managing Cost of Goods zones is revised and improved for your ease of use.
Re-calculate past order for COGS: The process of recalculating your order profit is optimized for faster load time and minimal failure.

Version 6.7

Release date: Apr 8, 2024

TrueProfit's Referral Program: Get your referral code and earn unlimited credits when referring friends to use TrueProfit. Both you and your friend will get a 20% reward for a successful referral. Read more in this article.
X (Twitter) Ad Spend sync: You can now connect your X ad accounts to TrueProfit to start syncing Ad Spend and view your ad performance in our Marketing Attribution feature. Connect now in the Marketing Channels settings.
French in-app language: We've added a new language option for our French users. See how you can change the language setting in TrueProfit here.

Version 6.6

Release date: Mar 18, 2024

Cancel subscription: You can now cancel your store's TrueProfit subscription if you no longer need our app. Read this article to see how to cancel your subscription.

Version 6.5 | TrueProfit Redesigned official release

Release date: Jan 24, 2024

A fully revamped app design is now available for all TrueProfit users. With a better-looking, improved UI and optimized features, we believe this update brings multiple benefits to you and your business to thrive with TrueProfit.

A new Export page for you to easily find and download all your exported files within 7 days from all pages in TrueProfit
Now you can sign up and sign in from TrueProfit's website:
A brand new look for the Marketing Attribution page to improve your experience

TrueProfit Redesigned Beta version

Release date: Dec 5, 2023

Introducing a brand new look of the TrueProfit platform, with improved UI and more compelling design. Go to the beta version with this link:

Version 6.3

Release date: Oct 31, 2023

Introducing the Marketing Attribution report that gives you accurate, holistic visibility into your marketing performance across channels. Only available in the Enterprise plan, contact us to join the beta program.

Version 6.2

Release date: Aug 21, 2023
Added new metrics to Product Analytics: Ad Spend, Total Cost, Net Profit, Net Profit Margin, Net Profit on Ad Spend to track product performance with more data.
The notifications menu now save all completed progresses for 72 hours, plus a Clear all button to manually clear notifications.
Introducing the TrueProfit Parameter Generator extension that helps you quickly create URL parameters when running ads.

Version 6.0 & 6.1

Release date: Jul 24, 2023

Added minor UI & UX improvements
Added a Total row at the bottom of the Product Analytics report to show the sum of the metrics in the table, depending on the time range you choose.
TrueProfit stopped supporting the Amazon platform (beta version). Read more

Version 5.9

Release date: Jun 27, 2023
All cost metrics are now displayed as a negative value on TrueProfit to help you easily track your costs and income.

Version 5.7 & 5.8

Release date: Jun 5, 2023
Introducing TrueProfit Pixel for accurate data tracking and enhanced product analytics report.
The new Enterprise plan is released with an unlimited order count and no extra order fee, with an annual subscription.
New Taxes & Duties feature for store owners to set up the taxes they paid to the government when an order is completed.
The P&L Report for Shopify sellers was updated with the date range selector and added the export file (.csv and .xlsx) feature.
Product Analytics is upgraded to version 2: Now displaying the product's image, added new metrics, including Add to Cart, Add to Cart Rate, Checkout Started, Payment Info Submitted, and more.

Version 5.6

Release date: May 8, 2023
Added a new Recommended Apps section to improve your selling experience on Shopify.
The notification sidebar gets revamped UI and UX content for a better user experience.
The metrics in the main dashboard now have more detailed and accurate tooltips to explain how they are calculated in TrueProfit.
When an order has more than one currency, TrueProfit will now convert all currencies to your store’s currency.

Version 5.5

Release date: Apr 17, 2023
AMZ | Dashboards for Amazon sellers: Product Analytics, P&L Report, Order Analytics, and Product Cost.
AMZ | Users can now view their Amazon store’s dashboards and the All Store view of both platforms on the TrueProfit mobile app.
AMZ | Added more metrics for Amazon sellers to track their store’s performance.
Stopped sending report emails to store owners who uninstalled TrueProfit.

Version 5.4

Release date: Apr 3, 2023
TrueProfit app web address is now (old version:

Version 5.3

Release date: Mar 21, 2023
AMZ | TrueProfit (Beta) is now available for authorization on the Amazon Selling Partner App Store.
AMZ | A new onboarding process for Amazon sellers when authorizing TrueProfit for their store.
AMZ | Dashboards for Amazon sellers: Profit Analytics, Product Cost, Custom Spend, Ad Platform Integrations, and Email Reports.
ShipBob integration: ShipBob has updated to generate PAT tokens on its main dashboard. The integration process with TrueProfit is also updated with fewer steps.

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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