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How to create a TrueProfit account

TrueProfit's User System helps you manage multiple stores with one account. You can also collaborate with other users by inviting to your store's dashboard and assigning them a role.

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Creating a new TrueProfit account

A TrueProfit account helps you add and manage multiple stores in one workspace. Plus, having other people to co-manage your business in the same TrueProfit dashboard. If you are using TrueProfit by signing with a Shopify domain, here's how to create a new TrueProfit account:

Go to TrueProfit Dashboard
Click on the Account icon in the upper left corner
You can see your current Login info is Shopify store, click Create Account

In the Create Account page, enter your email address and password, click Sign up

Once done, this account will be linked to your store(s).

Once your store is linked with a TrueProfit account, you can only sign in using your TrueProfit account and no longer your Shopify domain name.

Adding a new store

If you're running more than one store on Shopify, you can add all of them to TrueProfit. However, each store needs to subscribe to a separate TrueProfit plan.

Click the Account icon in the upper left corner, click Manage Stores & Members

Open the Manage Stores & Members page

In the Manage Stores & Members page, click Add Store

You can also do this quickly by clicking on the multistore dropdown and click Add a Store

Enter the Shopify domain of your store to complete adding it to your current TrueProfit account.

Viewing and Switching Between Multiple Stores

At the top of the app, you can find a dropdown to switch between added stores and shared stores in your TrueProfit account

You can also choose to view an aggregate dashboard with the All store view.

Updated on: 03/05/2024

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